When a gift is personalised it adds that little something extra; it’s evidence that you’ve thought hard about what to buy and spent a little more time when choosing.

The great thing about personalised gifts is that almost anything can be personalised and gifted for every occasion imaginable. We have collated a handful of the perfect personalised gifts, whether they are for the household, a person or for keepsake.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has recently flown the nest, moved away for university or just fancy a personalised gift for yourself and/or your loved ones, there’s a gift out there for everyone!

Bath Towel

Everybody uses a bath towel, so why not have a personalised one? Not only do they make the perfect ‘living in university halls’ gift, but they can also limit arguments in the household (bonus!) by knowing whose is whose. Add a name or text of your choice.

Bath Robe

If you don’t own/want a dressing gown, then are you really human? It’s perfect chill attire for all seasons (and anytime of day) and a cosy dressing gown would make such a great gift for family, friends or even your little ones! Letters, names or texts of your choice can be added for a personal touch.

Personalised mug

You simply can’t go wrong with a personalised mug! It’s the perfect item for making a house a home. Everyone has a good natter over a cup of tea or coffee, and you will always be in mind when they reach for their new favourite mug.

Toy Box

Personalised gifts aren’t just for adults! Include the kids too with these cute little toy boxes. Whether they’ll be used for toys, shoes, clothes or little bits and bobs, they’ll be a favourite and treasured for many years to come.

Photo jigsaw puzzle

Looking for something unique? A jigsaw photo puzzle is the perfect way of showing who is the best at picking gifts. Simply upload your favourite (or their favourite) photograph, choose which sized jigsaw you like and wait for your premium quality, wooden jigsaw puzzle to arrive in the post!

So there you have our top 5 favourite personalised gifts. Whether you’re gifting to a couple, individual, or close friends, you’ll be remembered whenever they use their gift!